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I'll probably forever do this as long as i <3 Arashi

This is my bday fanart for the quiet fisherman, Riida. May you someday see my drawings of you, cringe or whatnot as long as you see it haha

I wanted to draw him with long hair with how he looks now... so have a naked long-haired Ohno <3_<3 with his beloved...
I seem to draw him best naked *cackles in the distance*
eyeballed reference: LINK

click the chikubi for full view (lmao I'm sorry)

do not steal please =\
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Well... Photobucket needs my money, saying I've used up my bandwidth :D so for now enjoy the image thumbs of death xD too lazy to upload em elsewhere (no one currrs!).

(I didn't expect the popularity of [ profile] transitions101 would kill it tho *shakes fists*)
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Ok just made that name just now... Ninotendo *coughs*!

anyway I've always worked on Arashi members Bday fanart so now that the 17th of June arrived it's time to give the evil-brat his :D

(click image to full view) (eyeballed ref: link)

Happy Birthday, Ninotendo! I dunno if I'll hate or love you for making me always want to draw your face more than my numero uno (Riida) I always seem to be inspired doing different styles when I'm drawing a particularly nice photoshoot or screencap of your face D: WHY?! *shakes fists*

Stay as awesome as you are, keep them comedians on their toes! Give them a run for their money on your witty comebacks :D Always look out for Riida who'll stay like a bystander watching you guys (in variety) if you don't goad him into talking. Horse around with Sho as much as you like, it's great! Let Aiba smoosh your face a lot more it warms our heart that an evil brat like you loves him enough to let him and always tease Jun about his very "cool" persona it makes him less so and more approachable <3

again...stop making me want to draw you more than Ohno D: lol


Jun. 4th, 2013 12:38 am
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I just thought I'd draw Ohno <3

my reference was one of the Anan shots : link

(dunno if he still looks like Ohno tho xD)

click image to ful view

no stealing D:
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I felt like I needed to draw this pic of Nino... very pretty! Nino pics always make me wanna draw *pats Ohno I still heart you but you take not so great pics unlike the evil one here*

click image to full view :D (changed parts of the pic like his hair and shirtless!!! lol @ pervs)

like always do not steal :D... keep me sane

inspired by: agnes-cecile

Calling PV!

Feb. 5th, 2013 07:12 pm
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I've been very appreciative of the ripped-orange-sheets part of the Calling PV sneak peak...
not only because it was very flattering to the guys, but also because the film used
feel different in a rough and matte kind of way (it's how I like it xD) I'm over the shiny kind ehehe

I liked it so much I screencapped a few of their UNF shots :D

Smexy-Sho nice to see you again... it has been awhile xD

rest is here >8D )
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I swear this journal just get updated every time a member has his birthday xD yay for obligatory bday fanart!

Happy Birthday, Sho!
I hope you show more of your drawings soon! We miss it haha

ref: LINK
click image to fullview

do not steal and we remain in good terms :D
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Happy Birthday Aiba! 
Never stop smiling~

He kind of looks like a baby in my drawing xD no one cares right? 
ref: link
(click image to full view)
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Happy Birthday, Riida! Stay as weird as you are xD

I first started this Oh-day fanart 2008... it's 2012 now! Man, time flies o_o

click image to see the whole thing :D

no stealing >_> not that someone will but doesn't hurt to be cautious xP
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Ref was from one of the kagiheya mag shots lol 
Kind of messed up the face but... yeah half-assed :D

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I'm sure you guys know which of his pics I used as a ref for this :D 

No stealing :C
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har har TIS ALIVE!

I'm too unproductive to make this everyday... but I'll try to post a few before Ohno's actual bday :D

here have Ohno eating onigiri with his awesome earlier years fangs!

please do not steal...

Nino Day

Jun. 17th, 2012 01:58 am
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Happy Birthday to Nino! 

here's a bday fanart of the crazy evil brat :D 

reference image: here
click image for the whole image :D

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I planned to start this on march... but I usually go with my mood (which is something unreliable) and I was in the mood today so I made one...

(click image to full view)
this took longer than I anticipated xD I need to practice moar D: So I thought making a weekly (probably monthly ahaha) comic would help with that...


Feb. 20th, 2012 07:56 pm
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ahaha no this lj's not dead just in constant spurts of hibernation :D

after 3 months of not drawing I give you Ohno doing his ending pose in the latest Shiyagare (dance special) with his lovely shaven head 8D. It's not much but I'm glad I broke the months of no drawing.

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I decide to move here :D
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It is now the 26th in Japan. That means tis Kaibutsu-kun movie day and Riida's Birthday!

That means my annual obligatory Barsday Fanart :D Should I write an essay of how much I heart the guy? nah I think I've bored a lot of you with that and besides it's too obvious already *snickers* I mean I'm motivated to draw because of him... now thats love xD nobody can make me do that voluntarily other than him xD wait I said I won't write about that anymore!

So, anyway... the final day of Ohvember... the 26th day, I give Riida this token of my luuurve xD since he won't really see it anyway, I hope you guys like the mess aka fanart I made <3 (unless some kind soul who knows him personally tells him about this -i give you my ~soul  soul~-) 

click image for full view 

and don't forget no stealing :D

Day 17

Nov. 17th, 2011 09:52 pm
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eyeballed reference: link
click image for larger view

day 15

Nov. 15th, 2011 08:53 pm
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Ohvember day 15

eyeballed ref: link
click image for larger view

Day 9

Nov. 9th, 2011 09:46 pm
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