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It has been over a year I think since my last Arashi-related wall xD been drawing them too much lol... and I wanted to be on time for Sho's bday (is terribly late for Aiba's bday mehehe but I do have something for him.) So I thought a wall would be faster and I would OCD "less" on it...

anyway here it is :D

widescreen :: normal


Mr. Sho(w) Muscles

May you stay as faily as you are
Then balancing it out with your caster work
May you always call out to Riida so he'd talk xD
Take care of your sloping shoulders and
Your Sho(w) Muscles
May you draw again on live TV this year <3
and keep being an awesome individual!

and as I've mentioned above here's my Aiba bday fanart preview looks weird in this size ehehe but tis not finished D:

day 17

Nov. 17th, 2010 07:41 pm
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weee back from holiday ... but that doesn't deserve a "weee" >_> ...

anyway! back to drawing :D ENJOY (i hope)

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