Jun month!

Aug. 1st, 2011 08:43 pm
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 Yes it is Jun month now... and I decided to "try" to draw everyday be it ugly or not I'ma try to post em too!  So I'm gonna start with Jun since it's the first day of his month and all but no I'm not gonna draw him everyday O_O;;

so here it is my first sucky drawing :D

day 18

Nov. 18th, 2010 06:35 pm
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My last day of posting these speedy drawings  :D I'll be concentrating on my final Painting for Riida's Birthday these coming days!

enjoy juntoshi!
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Wooo well here I am again with my annual birthday fanart for a member and this time 'tis Matsujun :D but before that...

Happy Birthday Matsumoto Jun!

Stay sparkly and fabulous! Keep working hard in those special Mannequin 5s you won't be last someday xD what else... since you seem to have everything already all I can say is keep being who you are!

so back to the fanart/gift for the birthday princess...I mean prince xD

click image for fullview

eyeballed ref: link
dA submission:
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Happy (belated) Birthday To You, Matsumoto "Fierce" Jun :D

click to fullview
reference: LINK

At last! I completed drawing all of 'em :D now I don't hafta feel bad that I haven't drawn this member or that member xD Now I can only focus on drawing Ohno haha *dodges bricks* Jun was hard to draw, his face is unusual lol everything is almost exaggerated...so I had to re-edit a lot of his features...glad I'm finished...and remember I did my best so be easy on me ; 3; <3

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