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hehehe so late! It's ok to be late if it's made out of love than early yet was just forced to make something xP

so here you go aiba fans :D Mr. Sunny himself <3
eyeballed ref: LINK
dA link in case you feel like giving it loves: LINK

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I felt I would be remiss if I didn't make anything for Aiba on his day...


I chose this picture because it's one of my favorite photoshoots of him not only does it have the colors that make me happy it also represents how I see Aiba, a very colorful happy sunny person.

Since this is for Aiba's day it won't be complete without me giving Aiba the love he deserves...

Why are you special Aiba?
(not in particular order, just stuff that came to me at that moment xD)

1. You keep Arashi young, Nino may be the one whose looks doesn't age but you are the one who brings out the child in them.
2. Your laugh is infectious it brightens up whoever is around you
3. You may be hentai with all of your talks of mushroom looking like male genitalia but in truth it just shows your air of innocence more much like a child seeing something naughty and giggling over it.
4. You make Nino look less evil when you whack his head (haha)
5. You bring out Sho's motherly instinct (you share this trait with Riida haha woo! got Riida in)
6. You cry in concerts because you feel deep gratitude (like Riida :P)...that's very special
7. You are very silly usually but you can so work it in photoshoots *thumbs up*
8. You freakin look like one of my friends and she's a girl (pretty special methinks xD)
9. You are not afraid to shout to the world you are proud of being in Arashi and because it's comprised of you 5
10. You're humble and you can see it's sincere (like I told my friend angelyrique you and riida together is like a humblefest)
11. Even Jun can't DoS you much because you're too I dunno how to say it.... exasperatingly adorable? xD

I can write more but all these can be comprised into we go back to the question:

Why are you special Aiba?
because you are Aiba Masaki

(I seriously freaking <3 you)


Dec. 26th, 2008 12:01 am
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Sometimes Aiba is cuter than the baby lion cubs he read a story to.

I love Aiba for being very affectionate and uninhibited, with no ulterior motive such as "fanservice", to anyone he comes in contact with <3

here's one or rather 2 of those times:

could it get any cuter than this?

Yes it can!

video credits to: [ profile] stormy_team 


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Happy Birthday, AIBA!!!

May your level of excitement never waver
May your innocent air not change
May you keep Arashi young
Stay as humble as you are
And keep crying like a baby we appreciate you for it.

so here's my gift for Aiba's birthday a fanart from Kiiroi Namida <3
fullview: LINK
deviantart: LINK

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