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I swear this journal just get updated every time a member has his birthday xD yay for obligatory bday fanart!

Happy Birthday, Sho!
I hope you show more of your drawings soon! We miss it haha

ref: LINK
click image to fullview

do not steal and we remain in good terms :D
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Happy Birthday Aiba! 
Never stop smiling~

He kind of looks like a baby in my drawing xD no one cares right? 
ref: link
(click image to full view)
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Happy Birthday, Riida! Stay as weird as you are xD

I first started this Oh-day fanart 2008... it's 2012 now! Man, time flies o_o

click image to see the whole thing :D

no stealing >_> not that someone will but doesn't hurt to be cautious xP
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Ref was from one of the kagiheya mag shots lol 
Kind of messed up the face but... yeah half-assed :D

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I'm sure you guys know which of his pics I used as a ref for this :D 

No stealing :C
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Well tis already September and I'm 2 days late for teh Fab Jun's bday...a tad late but still here :D
ONE DAY! Arashi will know how much effort I do for them yearly xD

Happy Birthday Matsujun-pon! Stay as FABULOUS as you are! Keep your hips cocked to the side and someday may you Z-SNAP on national tv... it will surely be EPIC <3

here's teh fanart :D dA: LINK (if you want to give loves there)
eyeballed ref: link

click the preview to fully view >8D

and yes... no stealing! Tis not funny >_>

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