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Been ages since I posted my weird comics lol xD but hey I have one now :D

THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO HAPPEN xD there's really no spoiler here...I think haha

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Air guitar gives me joy in so many different ways *coughs*
anyway episode 19 was pure win of crack xD thanks to the lovely becky of [ profile] taijiprojectsub *bows* so anyway here are the highlights, well in my opinion xD

there's a hidden message in one of the panels that isn't really hidden 8D )

OMG?! new Ohno drama?! go: HERE

for the info uwaaa *tears of joy*

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Aibaland brings out the dork in them...well it's always out but you get what I mean 8D
Since it's AIBA MONTH I'm gonna show him first in this post of crack clips from the latest AnS.
Sorry Nino and Jun fans I didn't get clips of your numero unos *dodges blows*

I wish I understood japanese so that downloading raws would make more sense haha.
pretty clips are in the cut 8D )
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Whoever buys these shirts must be a REBEL or someone who cannot understand english xD Either way he/she amuses me :DDDD

When I saw My Boss My Hero and saw Tegoshi, I thought he was a girl wearing a dude's uniform you know pretending to be a boy  while Nagase was pretending to be a teenager xD...then learned that Tegoshi was really a boy lol...

seeing him in VSA didn't change that I still think he looks feminine even his mannerisms are o_o *remembers how he walked back from the falling pipe platform* O_O *gets stabbed by Tegoshi's fans*

So pretty xD in a why do you look more like a gurl than me kinda way

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Utaban Nov. 6 2008

Low image quality because I got 'em from keyhole :'D
(Jun fans this is just for giggles <3)

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Nino has the talent to become a good comedian...
He already has two monomane perfected
douzo )

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When Aiba love?
On his knees.
On his butt.
On his face.
Aiba = <3
the cut leads to a big hole in the ground )
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I decided to randomly make images of arashi with random speech bubbles, whenever I find worthwhile pics :D. Of course I'm gonna start it with Ohno :'D

crackhead )
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[1] sakurai sho
scans credit:
[ profile] yuckie_chan of [ profile] arashi_yuuki
please don't claim as your own and tell me if you took it :D stitching 2 images together and removing the text "sho sakurai" wasn't easy ;_;

widescreen : HERE
normal : HERE
1280x1024 : HERE


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