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Well... Photobucket needs my money, saying I've used up my bandwidth :D so for now enjoy the image thumbs of death xD too lazy to upload em elsewhere (no one currrs!).

(I didn't expect the popularity of [ profile] transitions101 would kill it tho *shakes fists*)

Calling PV!

Feb. 5th, 2013 07:12 pm
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I've been very appreciative of the ripped-orange-sheets part of the Calling PV sneak peak...
not only because it was very flattering to the guys, but also because the film used
feel different in a rough and matte kind of way (it's how I like it xD) I'm over the shiny kind ehehe

I liked it so much I screencapped a few of their UNF shots :D

Smexy-Sho nice to see you again... it has been awhile xD

rest is here >8D )

yeah, why?

Dec. 28th, 2009 06:13 pm
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Why am I not drawing when I have so much free time?! Curse you new bought/borrowed books!
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I wish everybody a...

Merry Christmas!

and a

Happy Aiba Day!

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(because work is stupid xC)

Happy 15th Year Anniversary

For now...

Aug. 30th, 2009 09:13 pm
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I'll be late with my Jun "painting" I wasted time playing a computer game the whole for now this is what I'ma share for his Bday.

Happy Birthday, DoS

and a preview of my proper painting tribute to the man who jumpstarted Arashi's success

(yes click it to view larger size)

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I just watched HnA SP...

and saw something awesome...that is: 

Becky being the next guest for VIP Room, mwahahaha one of my fave japanese celebs with Arashi 8D Aiba x Becky foreverrrrrrrrr xD *dances*. Can't wait for next week the preview shown was awesome lots of skits with her, Jun hugs her, Sho and becky will try to evade the paparazzi xD and Ohno will be drawing her (Riida drawing = Tate Happeh).

Since I mentioned Riida drawing makes me happy...what makes me doubly happy is me drawing, then I see him drawing (hope that made sense lol)...since I'm giddy and all I'ma show a bit of what I'm drawing for Jun's bday I hope I'll finish this on time -_- Jun's mug is hard to draw almost as hard as Riida's,  their nose and lips are hard to perfect D: the others, not so much.

Dunno if this is recognizable as Jun, hey I'm trying! xD

another thing that makes me happy is that I'm not the only one in this world who is like this...I win over Riida though, mine's 13 years old and I'm wearing it right this moment. One armpit's ripped and the detailing in front is falling apart >8D

Note: I shun ljcut...coz I'm lazy :D

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So I have a week long vacation :D what better way to spend it than to ogle Ohno >8D I mean fiddle with my lj's layout and Photoshop...while ogling Riida ahahaha it will always come back to ogling ahhhhh time well spent xD

Oh and yeah tis Tate Month so Riida's in the header hahaha...eventhough he's always there whatever month it is, I just wanted to point out it's my month lol

so say goodbye to the old, but remember kids that space is still reserved for me haha *points @ pillow and dodges angry punches*:

now say hello to the new dark layout *points @ current layout* xD thanks to [profile] yuckie_chan for the lovely scan I used for the header :D and [community profile] milou_veronica  for the lovely layout codes with some tinsy edits from me

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'Tis March and it's time for a new header and... WHOA WHUT?! AN OHNO HEADER?! WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT?! xP

so let's say goodbye to the goatie-ed Riida:

and say "hello thuuuurr" to the man who's on a bed looking all smexy (look up) *brain implodes* mwahaha as the header says the space is reserved >xD *runs from the scary demented fans*

I dunno if anyone noticed...but I'm late with my ep icons for utaoni I'm just halfway done for ep 5, there's still ep 6 & 7 to tackle hope I can do all the remaining episodes before it ends xD

new header image scan used credit goes to:
[ profile] mysticwen 

*snickers* thanks to [ profile] yay_box for telling me I didn't see the image of Riida in bed in the mag xD
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I just watched the utaoni ep 04 subbed uwahahahahahaha xD

and the Manabe x Kenta thing looks like it's back on! I'm so freaking happy about it, I knew my mind wasn't playing tricks on me when I started making up stories when Manabe was drinking at the end, when I watched it raw before >8D now that I've seen it subbed it's all good...*kicks ex-gf's face*

so I leave you with this xD ahahaha wooooo!
Ohno never fails to make me happy whenever I feel out of it...well until work starts again xD haha

What do you think? Will it be...
Manabe x Kenta? Or you're with  [ profile] yay_box Manager x Manabe?
I seriously hope 'tis M x K

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I think we have enough of the yaoi pairing with regards the Arashi guys so here I am pimping my for the mean time fave pairing Kenta-kun x Manabe-san wooooo~!

I dunno I feel giddy watching them in UnO going "C'mooooooon kiss her already!" hahaha and Ohno's my ichiban lol how nice I am to not begrudge the guy to kiss a beautiful older woman hahaha *coughs*


Chase her, Kenta! Then back her up in a corner and kiss her hahaha xD

See?! You're too slow for her, now she's gonna corner you and ravish you lol awesome xD Do it Manabe-san we're (well maybe just me) cheering you on! xD

Who doesn't wanna have her way with this guy? xD

that ends my delusions for today...btw I didn't say any spoiler so don't worry xD

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After watching Uno's first episode...I've decided who Ohno has to get it on with xDDDD~ I dunno, the manager seems cooler and has more interaction to Kenta than the ex and Kimura Yoshino and Ohno's interview were nauseatingly cute hahaha according to Riida she tickles and teases cute xD I'll forget the Ohno x Ueno pair for the utaoni pair for now xD but I won't let go of the Riida x Tate pair anytime soon *cackles*

I want this :



other screencaps I'm spazzing over:

Like [ profile] angelyrique said smoking's bad for Riida it'll affect his singing in the long run and of course his health
but for now *spazzes* the manliness makes me giddy o_o

and there's another one...marry me NOW!

and totally random...the pose is almost the same with the last Ohno screencap haha.
MOMO'S BACK! Love the hair xD *points down* So cute @_@

screencap from[ profile] ytec304

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[ profile] angelyrique is relentless with me making a Sho header for Sho-month xD so I compromised and made a yamapair header hahahaha ahhhh my Ohno obsession cracks me up lmao *coughs* sorry xD

Anyway, angel do you like it? It's the scan we talked about and I removed Nino lol xD

And yes! Net is back 8D layout's back too 'cept the BG pattern LJ won't let me edit that part @_@ dunno why -_-

and again...join us at:
[ profile] utaoni 

in case you wanna promote the community use this image ^ <3
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So yeah I'm using dial-up and it's so slow I feel my brain sleeping on me hahah I hope my net will be fixed later or tomorrow C'MON! I'm having withdrawal symptoms here!

Anyway on another topic, to give more loves for Ohno's new drama I made an Uta No Oniisan community here in LJ along with the help of [ profile] change417 [ profile] dvampyrlestat and [ profile] itsmysunshine we welcome you to join 8D and for those who doesn't know what the story is about *coughs[ profile] angelyrique coughs* there's a translation of the story from the official site in the group *forces friends to join* <3

go here : [ profile] utaoni
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I wish I can

read Japanese ;_;

'cause the official site of Utaoni's been updated with loads of info =o. I guess I'll just have to make do with online translators which most of the time don't make sense =[

There are some pics of the scenes and shoots in the site too =D and no, that's not ohno wearing the prince costume xD from this page: here

Ooooh in the pic his ex-gf seems to be talking to a kinda manager dude a big time looking one, so maybe in the story the girl becomes popular (since they took the trouble to have a vocalist of a band to play her) and Ohno's character as the utaoni ahhh...this is getting better and better xD and look Kenta's(Ohno) family looks surprised at seeing him on tv and the silliness of the first pic would be a blast to watch when it's Riida's time to do it mwahahaha xD

can you tell I'm freaking excited about this? xD uwaaaaa *jumps up and down*
Someone should make an Utaoni community too xD like what they did for Ryusei No Kizuna >xP

here I found a trailer that kinda shows more than the utaoni we've seen around, a video of someone taking a video of the trailer on a screen in the streets of Japan


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image credit: [ profile] tayuri

I was checking the official site for new information and saw it had, but the translator I used didn't make any sense haha so I looked around and saw Kikinini from vox translated it (links below), seems like he's with a kouhai again...this time from Kanjani8 Maruyama Ryuhei (sp?) and his ex-gf is played by a girl named Chisa vocalist of  Girl Next Door a trio band

Seems like an interesting mix of actors and actresses cannot wait...though I WISH DAIGO was a member of the cast, he can play one of Ohno's bandmates hahaha. He's my 2nd crush after Ohno <3333 URESHI WISH KYU! KYU! xDDDDDDDDDDD

The official website: HERE
for the other cast members  go here : HERE
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(Arashi and their resolutions)

image credit: i forgot where I got it -_-; sorry

May you guys(everyone reading this) have an awesome year!

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Tagged by [ profile] peniko

A. People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blog and replace any question that they dislike with a new, original question.
B. Tag six people. Don't tag who tagged you.

on to the questions my pretties )


Dec. 26th, 2008 12:01 am
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Sometimes Aiba is cuter than the baby lion cubs he read a story to.

I love Aiba for being very affectionate and uninhibited, with no ulterior motive such as "fanservice", to anyone he comes in contact with <3

here's one or rather 2 of those times:

could it get any cuter than this?

Yes it can!

video credits to: [ profile] stormy_team 


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To all of you in my friends-list  may you have a great Christmas or whatever you're celebrating at this moment <3

and to anyone who stumbled here may you have a great holiday too *showers everyone with holiday cheer*

scan credit: [ profile] crystalove87 

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