Sep. 21st, 2010 12:46 am
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I stupidly saved on my highres one >_> so now I'm tired lawl and won't be editing this anymore ; 3;

I love [livejournal.com profile] fabfish 's style of coloring/brushing so I thought I'm gonna try i txD...well I'm nowhere near close to what she does actually what I did was MAJOR FAIL @_@...I would love to be able to draw dynamic poses like her but I SUCK at that I need to practice anatomy very seriously ._.

anyway :D here it is :D
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Wooo well here I am again with my annual birthday fanart for a member and this time 'tis Matsujun :D but before that...

Happy Birthday Matsumoto Jun!

Stay sparkly and fabulous! Keep working hard in those special Mannequin 5s you won't be last someday xD what else... since you seem to have everything already all I can say is keep being who you are!

so back to the fanart/gift for the birthday princess...I mean prince xD

click image for fullview

eyeballed ref: link
dA submission:
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Not only is this post late...but it's half-arsed too I'm sorry Nino! I didn't have time to make something! I'll try to make something before this month ends :D Since you're that specio haha and because I freaking love your personality I see half of me in you...the sarcastic betch side :D oh you know you're a b*tch xD <3 a lovable one

well this is one of my unfinished Nino artworks...the usual click to fullview :D

and another


these artworks are old unfinished pieces files were lost when comp decided to die on me a few months back xD...which means this will remain unfinished till the end of time ehehe
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Haha I've been lax at posting here haven't i? but hey I lurk here everyday to check everyone's (flist) pages and to watch for new arashi files xD~

anyway here I am with a new fanart wewt! [livejournal.com profile] tekiai likes Aiba a lot and tends to ask for fanarts of him regularly even if she knows I'm lazy as heck hahaha...

click to fullview
eyeballed reference
it's in dA: here along with other older fanart of the other members :D
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I had the desire to draw because I was starting to feel frustrated about my drawings (tried drawing earlier an old style I did before and FAILED) so I wanted to draw again, since my friend Tey wanted me draw Aiba and was linking me nice images of him I thought I'll try one of them...so here it is...it's kinda different (didn't add the hands and toast with egg) but I'm relatvely happy with it:

referenced image: LINK
deviantart: LINK

day 17

Nov. 17th, 2009 08:31 pm
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Lol I've been going on and on about Riida inspiring me to draw, but I haven't drawn anything for ages...well something that's done anyway xD. So... I thought I should draw one today :D a fast one but I like it, and I demand you like it too :D lol <3

reference: LINK
in case you want to fave it lol :: dAlink

art thieves: do not claim as yours


Oct. 8th, 2009 10:48 pm
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there's this neat web app for drawing, a friend linked it to me called ODOPOD the brush strokes look very traditional you guys should try you don't need to be good to enjoy it, look how Sho enjoys drawing xD

this is what I made it kinda looks like Akane from Ranma 1/2 but I didn't intend it to be that way just became like that when I decided to make the hair short. This is a practice if I could still draw anime style, coz someone told me I don't do that anymore xD

I really enjoy watching the progress of someone's drawing so if you're curious how this one went check this out: LINK the web app is cool for recording it xD

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Happy (belated) Birthday To You, Matsumoto "Fierce" Jun :D

click to fullview
reference: LINK

At last! I completed drawing all of 'em :D now I don't hafta feel bad that I haven't drawn this member or that member xD Now I can only focus on drawing Ohno haha *dodges bricks* Jun was hard to draw, his face is unusual lol everything is almost exaggerated...so I had to re-edit a lot of his features...glad I'm finished...and remember I did my best so be easy on me ; 3; <3

I'm Done!

Jun. 21st, 2009 06:11 pm
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Yes! I'm done with Nino's birthday thing that I posted the other day...I know lots of you my pretties were expecting a whole lot of amazingness once I posted the finished painting of that teaser, but I seriously think I might disappoint you in this one ; 3; but I'm still proud of it :D considering this is not RIIDA hahahaha xP

btw thanks to the scan from [livejournal.com profile] step_n_go that I used as reference

Lol Photobucket's resizing feature ruined the painting more with the weird resizing of the canvas texture xD so... PLEASE CLICK THE IMAGE FOR THE  DECENT FULL VIEW and btw I submitted this too in DA: LINK

Ninomiya fans...hope you like this work of love from me xD...or at least don't murder me in my sleep >.> I know you guys sold your soul to the evilness that is Ninomiya and can actually enter the dream realm haha.

Happy Birthday Again, Ninomiya Kazunari :D

Btw in this work...I call him NINOLISA...the serene smile and the pose lolz >.>

In case there are artwork theives around who stumbled here...please steal bread not my artwork xD or I'll pray that evil little ninomiyas hunt you down till the end of time...now that's scary hahaha

A japanese girl doing a cover of Kumori Nochi Kaisei <333 Isn't she freaking awesome(cute) xD oi...wahaha Riida related :D. Still managed to get Riida in lol

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I did this more than a week ago...but forgot to post it, ah well...here it is now xD I love that scene with him showing his back.

I get dizzy like crazy for a few days now so my other fanart is put on hold ;_; dammit...honestly I dunno what's wrong with me either it's vertigo or eye probs hafta get it checked

anyway here it is :D

fullview: HERE

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As promised!
A Sho fanart for his birthday :D

fullview: here
deviantart: here


Stay as the dork you are now.
Keep being the mama of the group.
Keep failing at back flips
and last but not the least we appreciate the Air Muscles especially the Sho ichibaners xD right, [livejournal.com profile] angelyrique  [livejournal.com profile] k1ru  and [livejournal.com profile] talkativebunny ? hahaha

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Happy Birthday, AIBA!!!

May your level of excitement never waver
May your innocent air not change
May you keep Arashi young
Stay as humble as you are
And keep crying like a baby we appreciate you for it.

so here's my gift for Aiba's birthday a fanart from Kiiroi Namida <3
fullview: LINK
deviantart: LINK

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(2 posts in one day... ahhhh the activeness is astounding! D:)

I really love the kiiroi Namida setting (and the Photobook) so I thought why don't I make a fanart of it =o lol

so here it is :

fullview : HERE
or view it at deviantart: HERE (shameless plugging here xD)

reminder:  please do not use artwork without my permission :]
and thanks to Pinkmonkeee's watercolor tutorial for my color inspiration <3

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17th Day of November 2008

I know I said I was gonna rest from drawing for a bit lol xD but I still drew, maybe that Ohchan screencap just really made an impact on me <3 So I had to use it as ref. I think it was a screenie from their first AAA dvd in dome.

Photoshop 7 and  Wacom Graphire 3
Ref    : earlier stages

fullview: HERE

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14th Day of November

Photoshop was nice to me today and didn't crash :'D

This would be my last drawing for the time being xD drawing sucks a lot of my energy and I don't even have enough of that. I was able to draw 3 consecutive days 'cause it was Ohno if it was another subject I might be still looking at the screen and going "ahhh~ I wanna sleep ._." lol

Fullview : HERE

some parts are still off but it's hard ; 3; I'm still a noob with realism (and other styles haha)

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13th Day of November of 2008:

An awesome mostly uninspired work because PS crapped on me haha
so yeah here it is Riida in cartoon form <3

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12th day of November 2008:

A speedpaint that wasn't speedy at all haha xD Some parts are off  =\ I tried though xD
click  THIS if you want to see the fullview of the awesomely messy artwork :'D
reference was a screenshot of him promoting freestyle in AnS

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